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  • 11 Best Baby & Family Products For A Beach Holiday

    I have been so fortunate and feel totally blessed to have been able to take all three of my kids overseas for family beach holidays during their first few months of life. Now don’t get me wrong, I am so grateful for the amazing family travel opportunities I’ve had but, fun and excitement aside it can and has for me personally caused major concerns worrying about traveling with young children, protecting their precious and delicate skin and knowing what suitable baby products to take.

    Obviously, I would not and have not exposed my babies skin recklessly to the sun, however lets keep it real, unless you dress your babies top to toe in clothes they will have some sun exposure and so they should. We shouldn’t actually prevent exposure to vital vitamin D. Not only finding a sun protection that works you have to consider the ingredients regarding babies sensitive skin and any allergies you might not even be aware of considering how young your child is.

    Then there is the change of water to consider which you can’t avoid as we need to wash our skin and hair probably more frequently than we would at home along with heat rashes, mosquito bites, babies constipation, traveling with a screaming, vomiting and stinky pooping baby and the disruption of whatever routine you’ve managed to achieve at home. So, what first seems like an amazing opportunity, as you begin planning, shopping and packing within the unforgiving hold baggage restrictions you may begin to wonder if your plans for the amazing family adventures are going to be worth it?

    For me it has been a matter of trial and error and of course each child has different needs and skin types however, I believe if a skin care product is good enough for baby it’s usually perfect for the whole family. So, I wanted to share what the main issues I’ve had traveling with my babbas over the last 16 years and and the realistic solutions to a real mamas dilemmas.

    Mamanista’s Baby Holiday Skin Dilemma 1

     Sun cream application  Wriggling, loud yelling babba’s when attempting to apply the all important suncream, its like the older they get the more experienced they are in plotting their escape from any contact with the all important SPF 50.

    Mamanista’s  solution


    Banana Boat SunScreen

    To avoid the heads turning and all eyes on the parent losing control in the basic sun cream application routine around the hotel pool I highly recommend the Banana Boat sunscreen spray and suncream range. I have tried and tested so many kids sunscreen products over the years and I can honestly say I would not travel without these products.  The SPF 50 kid friendly sprays and creams come in many different varieties from baby advanced protection to waterproof lotions. They absorb into the skin wonderfully and the smell isn’t over bearing like some sunscreen products.

    Mamas Baby’s Holiday Skin Dilemma 2

    We return to our hotel room after a fun day at the beach with half of the sand from stuck to our not so attractive mucky, sticky sun kissed skin and the babba’s look like they’ve had a full hours session in messy play at your local children’s centre.

    Mamanista’s  solution

    Aveeno Baby Daily Care Wash

    Aveeno baby daily care is a lovely gentle wash that will gently clean up all your kids delicate skin. It’s so gentle and moisturising It’s perfect for holiday skin for all the family.


    Mamas Baby’s Holiday Skin Dilemma 3

    The lack of routine, unfamiliar beds and bedding, change of water for bathing and the new environments has caused all kinds of skin irritation for baby and an extreme case of restlessness and anxiety.

    Mamanista’s  solution

    Fractionated coconut oil

    Fractionated oils are an amazing 100 per cent natural product for your baby’s bedtime skin moisturising routine. Pop in the bath for a luxurious and soothing bath time and for an extra treat perfect for an infant massage and you never know it may well help for a good nights rest for all. I used this product in my Infant Massage Classes, you don’t have to spend a fortune on fancy branded oils as all 100% oils are the same product.

    Mamas Baby’s Holiday Skin Dilemma 4

    Baby’s bottom is especially in need of some extra TLC as a change in food and routines have taken its toll and has resulted in a very sore bottom.

    Mamanista’s  solution



    Palmer’s Cocoa Bottom Butter

    This Palmer’s bottom butter is not only amazing in protecting baby’s delicate bottom acting as a barrier cream its a dependable moisturiser and smells fabulous too with the classic Palmer’s yummy Cocoa Butter scent.

    Mamas Baby’s Holiday Skin Dilemma 5

    The sun is blazing and we are feeling good however the kids skin isn’t coping with the heat. Poor baby’s heat rash has caused itchy skin so irritating it’s affecting her/ his sleep, appetite and holiday fun.

    Mamanista’s  solution

    E45 Itch Relief Cream

    What you see is what you get, no fancy packaging and pretentious branding just a fabulously soothing, reliable lotion that is sensitive enough for baby and the older kids skin in their time of need.

    Mamas Baby’s Holiday Skin Dilemma 6

    The baby’s already imperfect sleep routine is being challenged to the maximum. We didn’t practice the reverse sleep psychology trick we researched so intensely in an attempt to combat the jet lag and really bad flight times.

    Mamanista’s  solution

    Baby Sleep Pillow Case

    A light spray of this award winning baby sleep spray on the cot bedding before bedtime will help settle baby into a restful sleep. It’s a 100% natural and delicate formula of ‘calming lavender and soothing Vetivert and balancing camomile.’ Suitable from six months onwards.

    Mamas Baby’s Holiday Skin Dilemma 7

    The germaphobe within is appearing as we begin the holiday. Everywhere we go I start to risk asses the changing facilities, the tables, high chairs, the sunbeds everything!


    Mamanista’s  solution


    Natrasan Travel Buddy

    A good spray of this antiseptic Natrasan on everything we come into contact with will give any parent piece of mind. It’s 100% natural but proven to kill 99,9999% of germs on contact, while it is ‘harmless to humans, animals and the environment’.  This natural and organic award winning wonder spray is also safe to use as a skin disinfectant and completely safe in eyes, ears and mouth and even on baby’s skin and nappy area.



    Mamas Baby’s Holiday Skin Dilemma 8

    Each little babba brings their own multidue of unique skin issues from sunburn and chaffing, scrapes and insect bites. And I promised the family we are going to pack light this year in a vigilant attempt in avoiding the walk of shame at the checkin desk in the airport.

    Mamanista’s  solution

    Egytion Magic All Purpose Skin Cream

    Egyptian Magic all purpose skin care will help resist over packing all the lotions out of the bathroom cupboard. It is indeed a magical, 100 per cent natural cream that will sooth away insect bites, skin irritations and can be used for after sun care basically the lot all in one pot.


    Mamas Baby’s Holiday Skin Dilemma 9

    So, this one is what I call a good old family poo fest! Yes thats right it either doesn’t want to appear and we  1, prey it comes sooner rather than later hoping to calm a possessed on the edge baby/toddler/large child to come back from the planet of doom best known as planet constipation. And, when it does rear its messy, smelly head prey for a magic wand to clean and eliminate the smelly mess asap.

    Mamanista’s  solution


    Water Wipes

    These Chemical free wipes are 99.9% water based with a drop of fruit making a perfect alternative to water and cotton wool.  So sensitive for baby’s skin they are the only wipes approved by Allergy UK and are suitable for premature babies delicate skin.

    Mamas Baby’s Holiday Skin Dilemma 10

    We have just read the poster ad in the hotel reception about the family sunset pool party they are hosting tonight. We decide it would be rude not to attend. However, when we arrive the pesky Mosquitos decide to attend the party too.

    Mamanista’s  solution

    Pram Net

    The Pram net is something I would never travel without especially if I fancy a bit of family fun after the baby’s bedtime. Rest assured baby can sleep protected from mosquitoes safely and comfortably under a Pram net and the pesty mosquitos can munch on daddy instead 🙊 only joking!

    If the baby fancies attending the party too……..



    Natural Beeswax Mosquito Repellent

    This pot of natural organic pot Beeswax mosquito repellent is a gentle and soothing cream that also acts as a super moisturiser great for skin conditions such as Eczema, Acne and dry skin. It even has  ‘natural antibacterial, anti-Inflammartory and Anti-oxidant properties that are beneficial to the skin’.


    Do you have any family beach holiday product recommendations? As always I would love to hear from you.

    Lot’s of love,

    Dana xx 






    1. August 6, 2019 / 6:56 pm

      This was lovely to read. I’m going on holiday very soon so these tips are very handy!

      • amamanistalife
        August 9, 2019 / 7:26 am

        Thank you Nelly, I hope you have wonderful holiday x x

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