50 Top Travel Toy And Activity Ideas


Here’s my ‘Mamanista 50 Top Travel Toy List’. I’ve had a bit of experience as a traveling mama starting with my daughter Kia (who is now 16 ) since she was a baby on long and short hall flights and I want to share some ideas I’ve picked up along the way. So, I obviously wouldn’t take all 50 toys on the list on one trip. However, if your kids are anything like mine they enjoy new activities that hopefully keep them entertained enough during a journey whilst achieving our ‘aren’t your kids so well behaved’ reputation in tact, PHEW!!!!

We aren’t that exciting when it comes to the fancier travel cases on wheels as, the thought of my kids running wild wheeling through a busy airport is something we are not brave enough to risk. However, the kids are usually excited enough with their own individual travel bags packed with their own travel toys with a few surprises tucked away. So, I usually let them choose half of their bags contents and leave the other half as a surprise. They are used to me preparing their bags in this way and are pretty good in resisting a sneaky peek until we have boarded the plane.

So, here is my

Mamanista 50 Top Travel Toy And Activity List 

1. Kids kindle Fire

We could not travel anywhere without the kids Kindle Fire tablets. They are perfectly designed for kids in mind, with so many pre installed child friendly apps with the option to use as a regular kindle fire so, you can download the kids favourite programmes and movies too. Many of the apps are usable without a wifi connection perfect for flying and for when you reach your destination. The brightly coloured spongy covers are great too, currently available in yellow, pink and blue.

2. Sticker Books

Another essential that is cost effective and easy to pack in the kids bags, with so many different options to choose from The kids  also love to share their sticker books and play together.

3. Apple I Pod touch 

We love apple products and traveling with our favourite music, movies, programmes and apps is a must.

4. Sticky letters

These sticky letters and numbers are great fun for sticking on the windows of the plane and on the backs of the seats in front of you.

5. Playdoh

The ever faithful play doh, this handy bag is great for traveling and easy enough for the kids to tidy up and keep organised independently.

6. Modeling Clay

You might prefer to take modelling clay as its a little less messy than play doh and a lot cheaper to buy.

7. Headphones

A pair of comfortable child friendly headphones that are durable and protect the kids ears are perfect in preventing your kids making too much noise when playing on an electrical devices.

This headband is an amazing unique option for your kids providing extra comfort perfect for traveling.


8. Magnetic Book

If your child enjoys creative and educational puzzles, this magnetic book is small and easy to carry around wherever you go.

9. Buckle Toy

This bright little buckle toy is great for the little ones, it can clip onto a car seats or buggy and is super easy to carry around.

10. Travel Connect Four

Who doesn’t love connect four, classic family fave.

11. Shape Sorter

This egg carton shape sorter entertains babies, toddlers and kids aged 6 months upwards. It is great for kids to sort and keep tidy and pack away whilst it’s part of the challenge, you can’t go wrong.

12. Doodle Pad

I can’t even resit a scribble and scratch on this timeless classic. Its a clean and dry activity perfect for the kids to be creative whilst avoiding the mess.

13. Spirograph

Another creative classic that remains popular with the kids, I loved this growing up. It promotes the kids creative flair whilst promoting fine motor skills and hand-eye concentration and is available in this handy travel size version.

14. Kenroll Infinity Fidget Cube

The Fidget Cube is a great activity for kids who need a little stress relief.

15. Lego Classic Creative Suitcase

Some kids just can’t go without playing with construction play even whilst going on their vacay so, this handy lego suitcase is great to carry around.

16.Velvet Picture Book

This fun and velvet book is a fab and fun alternative to the standard colouring book.

17. Pipity Kids Activity Sets

This handy crafty activity set is designed with travel in mind providing stickers, paper and stationery your kids will love saving  you time as it does all the organising for you.

18. Threading

This threading set is a lovely quiet activity and is light weight to carry about.

19. Tiny Love Take Along Mobile

When my kids were babies I would have loved to have known about this mini take along mobile, what a genius idea.

20. Where’s Wally? Card Game

This where Wally memory game is a small and handy for any trip.

21. Magnetic Travel Chess

Cuba has recently shown an interest in chess so this magnetic travel board will provide a great opportunity for his dad to teach him on our vacay.


22.Travel Pillow

We always take blankets and pillows for the kids extra comfort.

23. Melisa and Doug

Coco-Ivy loves playing vets role play.

24. Button Art

Button art is a great activity for children who love working on patterns.

25. Scratch Paper

I love this, its a fun creative activity that won’t take up too much space. It’s also a fun way for the kids to make their own baggage labels.


26.Wikki Sticks

Wikki Stix are on our lust list as they also come in this travel case. They are suitable for toddlers upwards and are a fab mess free sticking craft activity that stick together by just applying fingertip pressure.


27. Word Searches

Cuba loves word searches and they keep him busy for ages.

28. Koosh Balls

Koosh balls are great for fidgety kids. Coco-Ivy will sit and fiddle with one while she watches her favourite programmes on her kindle.

29. Kaleidoscope

Another classic fun activity that is easy to carry around in the kids hand luggage.

30. Origami

This Origami set is designed for children although, I find it hard to resist too not that I’m any good at it, HAHA!

31. Cars

My kids love opening eggs so this car set is perfect for playing with while traveling and when you are at the beach too. I would wrap them in foil for an extra fun unwrapping surprise.



32. Tape Activity Book

This tape pack has many creative uses as the kids can design patterns, pictures, words, numbers and even car and train tracks or runways for any transport toys they maybe have with them.



33. Passport Sticker Book

There is something about travel activity books that create extra fun for the kids whilst on their vacay.


34. Foil Art

The kids love shiny foil, it inspires their creative minds.

35. Kids Camera

Cuba loves taking pictures and these kids cameras will take a few knocks and stay in one piece.


36. Kids Camcorder

Cuba has shown an interest in movie making. This is a fabulous piece of kit for any young budding vlogger and it is on our lust list.

37. Personalised Backpack

We have already bought the kids travel bags for our summer trip this year however, I love these personalised ruck sacks.

38. Lullaby Hippo

This lullaby hippo is our favourite comfort toy which has done a fair bit of traveling over the past few years.

39. Travel Brix

For those children who enjoy construction play and it comes in a handy travel pack.


40. Baby Buddy Secure-a-toy

Suitable for babies aged 6-36 months a great gadget to keep toys close at hand.

41. Taggies

My kids loved taggie toys and blankies, they are such a special comfort toy.

42. Teething Mitton

I didn’t use these clever mitts as I didn’t know about them until recent but, I think they are a unique teething design which would help any teething baby whilst traveling.

43. sensory Books

I always used to carry similar sensory books an any trip as they are so light weight, durable and easy to keep clean.

44.Clip on Toys

Another great travel activity toy we know and love that clips on to buggies and bags.

45. Tissue art

Fun and light weight paper tissue to keep the kids busy and creative. I have wrapped some surprise toys in this to add extra fun.

46. Pop Stick Art

If your kids enjoy being creative they will love this art kit. You could select a few chosen items to take with you and save some for your return home.

47. Aqua Doodle Travel Bag

Coco-Ivy has the Frozen version and it has traveled with us many times.

48. Vtech Spin And Learn Colour Flashlight

I have always taken a small Vtech toy with us for the toddler stage.

49. Travel Journal Stamp Map

Cuba would love this as he is the map reader in our family so, this is on our lust list.

50. Mini Travel Doodle

And last but certainly not the least the classic doodle toy, you can’t go wrong with a travel sized, mess free activity  to keep the kids busy.

If all else fails you can always rely on a packet of Percy Pigs, HA HA

Have you any suggestions I haven’t thought of? I would love to hear from you, 

Lots of love,

Dana xx


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