Aquabeads! Getting crafty

My daughter Coco and I are super excited to have the wonderful opportunity to try out and review some amazing sets from Aquabeads! Getting crafty has to be one of Coco’s favourite things to do and she has always wanted to give Aquabeads a try.

There are so many different themes to choose from including animals, unicorns, Disney princesses, Super Mario and Minions.

Aquabeads! Getting crafty


Today we are reviewing 3 sets:

Beginners Carry Case, £17.99

The super handy carry case contains 900 beads in 24 colours. It is perfect for storing all your beads and all the included equipment.

The kit includes 1 carry case with flip tray, 1 double-sided Aquabeads pen, 1 sprayer, 1 creation display, 6 design pegs and 2 template sheet and an instruction manual.

The manual has some super fun templates for some lovely model designs for that perfect inspiration

You can decorate your carry case with favourite creations and carry them around anywhere, or even display in your room!


Disney Princess Tiara Set, £19.99

The Disney Princess Tiara Set is perfect for any princess in the making!


Following the template sheet, place the beads onto the tray to create Belle, Rapunzel, Jasmine, and a wearable tiara featuring Beauty and the Beast theme. Using the sprayer, spray water onto the beads to make them magically stick together! When the bead creations are completely dried after 60 minutes, carefully take the creation off from the tray and decorate onto the wearable tiara. You can actually wear the tiara decorated with your creations!


Mystic Unicorn Set, £13.99

The Mystic Unicorn Set has everything included to create the cutest unicorn and princess characters.

Follow the template sheet to make wearable charms with your Aquabeads unicorns by using the included key chain accessories and colour straps.

Coco decided to create the lilac unicorn using the kits template

She also created this cute rainbow using the pen that’s provided


Final thoughts and tips

🌈 Aquabeads are great for children in promoting fine motor skills. Coco is 5 years old, so she did need some support. Especially in getting used to handling the pen and the water spray. They were a little tricky for her in the beginning. It would be great if Aquabeads could design a water spray and pen that is easier for younger children to manipulate.

💜 Aquabeads really do promote independent skills and sparks lot’s of imagination.  After a few crafty sessions during the Easter break, Coco really started to get the hand of it! She has very quickly become confident enough to independently playing with her kits.

🤍 The creativity is endless! Aquabeads really does encourage Coco in getting crafty whenever thee mood takes her.

🦄 There’s no mess! No ironing or glue or threading required!

💕 Complete sets include everything you need to get started while refill sets allow you to top up your collection.

🌈 The sets are also make the perfect gift to give to a friend.

💜 Overall we are super impressed with the Aquabeads kits! Especially the beginners carry case and the Mystic Unicorn Set. It does require some patience at first. However, it doesn’t take long before you really get the hang of using the equipment. I can see us becoming Aquabeads enthusiasts before long and we highly recommend!


Have you ever created with Aquabeads? As always, I would love to hear your thoughts!


Sending love,

Dana xx






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