Bloopies Fairies

We recently received the super cute ‘Bloopies Fairies’ from IMC toys to review. Coco loves playing with all three of her Bloopies Fairies.  Right from the unwrapping and opening the fun truly begins.

‘Bloopies Fairies’ are a magical bath time friend.  But, you don’t have to play with them in water.

The butterfly key unlocks the fairy living inside the flower lantern, which opens to a petal shaped fantasy play set. And, this is when the revealing of opening the mystery bags begins.

Which of the fairy characters will you get this time?

There are 9 Bloopie fairy characters plus 1 rare fairy to collect, each with magical powers. The fairies bodies light up in the lantern & in water. Each play set comes with 9 surprise accessories, including wings, wands, skirt and pearls.

Coco loves the way the pretty Bloopie fairies come alive as they really do glow so super brightly in the water.

These gorgeous magical fairy play sets are available at Smyths Toys for an affordable £14.99. Perfect for a Christmas stocking gift.

They really do create the perfect imaginary play for any child who really does believe in fairies.

The Bloopie Fairies are a definite favourite of Coco’s. She really enjoys dolls that have the unwrapping surprise element, just like her Tutti Frutti cry Magic Tears Doll Collection.

Coco is age 5 years old, here is a review in her own words.

‘ I really, really, really like it so much because they have glitter and wings. I like the wrapping on it. And, I really like the dolls because they can glow up in the water and the stand. I like the clothes 10,000. And I really like the carrier case because it looks like a flower when I open it.’


Sending love

Dana xx



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