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Welcome to my little blog and thank you so much for stopping by!



I’m Dana mama of three gorgeous children. I have a teenage daughter, a nine year old son and the latest addition, our very own four year old little princess.

I’m a gobby lass from up north who enjoys having a laugh, quite partial to a large glass of Rioja, a bit of a foodie, oh and a frustrated fashionista!

I am an everyday mama dreaming of a tidy home and I am in need of a lie in!

I look up to strong female role models from all walks of life like Michelle Obama, Maya Angelou, Nicola Adams and Megan Markle.

My professional background has been varied and includes fashion retail, being a London nanny, and working in childcare and family services. Both fashion and children have been my passion, so it’s no surprise to my family and friends that they have been my focus in life.

So enough about me for now, time to meet the family…………









Sean and I have been living together for almost thirteen years which is practically the entire duration of our relationship. We met in the summer of 2008 in beautiful Jamaica where we were both visiting family

Sean is a Distribution Manager for Amazon. He is a Londoner born and bred. He’s a loyal Arsenal fan and I’m sure he dreams of having the time to watch a match in real time and not on catch up TV! He also enjoys the usual stuff like watching movies and reading. Sean is a music fanatic, his favourites being drum and bass, reggae, soul, hip-hop and in his younger days happy hardcore. Back in the day he was a DJ working in London nightclubs.

He is a great cook, his culinary specialities are Caribbean delights, curry, spicy one pot’s and rice and peas. Sean is a great father and partner, he is really supportive of my little blog



Kia is 17 years old, my first born. My little princess, who didn’t leave my side like my shadow and we spent all our time together. I was so fortunate to have the most amazing manager Donna, who gave Kia a place in the nursery I worked in so my little princess even came to work with me.

These days Kia is a typical teenager, she has a super busy social life so we don’t spend as much time together as we used to. But, I’m really happy for her to live her life to the full and have fun growing up into the beautiful young lady she is becoming, and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

Kia is a selfie queen, a chicken wing fanatic and she loves experimenting with makeup and fashion.

She also enjoys dance and social media with a growing following on TIK TOK and she will soon be studying for her Journalism degree at University.



Born in 2012, Cuba is my one and only little fella in my life. He is a popular and handsome dude who already has the girls flocking. It’s very apparent how good he looks in clothes and trendy outfits.

Cuba has a great sense of humour, he loves a good chat, he has a cheeky Chappy smile and he is very loving. I’ve lost count of how many kisses and cuddles we’ve had since he was born. He is an amazing big brother, he loves his little sister and he is very thoughtful, patient and protective of her.

Cuba’s favourite things to do are coding, playing on the xbox with his friends, swimming, cooking and reading.







Coco-Ivy is our little princes. She is an absolute joy and has brought so much love into our family. She wakes up with her beautiful smile everyday. Her eyes sparkle which is her feature most people notice when they meet her. She has the most softest, loveliest dark curly hair.

We knew we wanted another baby to complete the family, and after two years of trying we were blessed with the news of our pregnancy, just when we accepted in our minds that it might not happen. Sean would love one more baby however, for me our family is complete. I still can’t believe I’m a mum, never mind a mum of three amazing children, feel so blessed.

Coco-Ivy has truly been the happiest baby we have ever met, she loves music bopping and singing to her favourite tunes. You go girl!

She loves our visit’s to the park climbing and going on the swings, so cute. She is always on the go and her favourite things to play with are her LOL Dolls. Her siblings adore her and want her to remain the baby of the family forever.



Thank you so much for stopping by,

Sending love,

Dana xx




  1. March 18, 2019 / 7:49 pm

    Just seen this now.
    Thank you for the information on your family, I feel I know them well now, especially little Coco. Loving your blog.

    • amamanistalife
      March 19, 2019 / 7:01 pm

      Thank you so much for your lovely message, I’m so happy you enjoyed it. I really can’t ask for more than that x x x

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