Fun With Super Silky Stretchy Playdough

I remember the first time I made my own play dough which was over 25 years ago at work in a family centre.

We used to always cook the dough in a pan and use powder paints for colouring.

Home made play dough has certainly come a long way since those days as we have learnt more on the importance of sensory play.

My daughter Coco-Ivy needs encouragement with anything messy play related.

She likes the idea of it but can very quickly experience sensory overload.

So, I regularly introduce new and simple malleble play ideas to experiment with her, with help  from her big brother Cuba of course.

This super easy silky and stretchy play dough recipe went down a treat using only two ingredients.


1 cup of fruity smelling hair conditioner [ I used a cheap apple conditioner from Lidl ]

2 cups of Cornflour


Simply tip the cornflour into a bowl and add the hair conditioner mixing the ingredients together with a spoon.

Then give it a good knead until it becomes super soft and stretchy.

If you find the dough is a bit crumbly then just simply add little squirts of conditioner to achieve a smooth dough.

If it becomes too wet then add a little more cornflour.

The kids enjoy making the dough as much as the end results.

It is always a perfect opportunity to talk about measuring, smell, touch and how ingredients work together and why.

The dough smells amazing and is a treat for the senses.

The colour is fab too thanks to the green apple conditioner.

You can also add food colouring, essences and glitter and for an extra punch of colour and smell.

Coco-Ivy enjoys extending the play, particularly with her tea sets and toy microwave.

Cuba’s little message for his mummy.


Storing the playdough

This super lovely play dough can be kept for a number of weeks, depending on how well it is stored.

I use an air tight container and you could also wrap the dough vey tightly in a reusable food bag.



What sort of play dough does your child enjoy?


As always I love hearing from you x x





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