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On one of my most recent posts, Legoland A Family Fun Day Out,  I briefly mentioned the new and amazing Legoland Mythica attraction. We were super thrilled and fortunate to have experienced Day 3 of the new and incredible rides, attractions and experiences. Including the UK’s first flying theatre ride – Flight of the Sky Lion We discovered the immense and hidden powers of LEGO MYTHICA and its incredible characters and I am so pleased to be sharing our experience with you.

The incredible fun packed Lego Mythica is the single biggest investment the resort has ever made costing a whopping 20 million pounds to create.


The main attractions at Lego Mythica include:

  • Flight of the Sky Lion
  • Fire & Ice Freefall – two spinning drop tower rides
  • Hydra’s Challenge – an interactive water ride with jaw-dropping twists and turns
  • Thirteen colossal Lego models
  • Augmented reality experience – Find out more
  • The Hungry Troll Restaurant


Flight of the Sky Lion

The UK’s First Flying Theatre ride The Flight of the Sky Lion clearly creates the biggest buzz. The main bad boy attraction stands at an impressive 25 metres tall.

The Queue

The queue for the Flight Of The Sky Lion begins outside in front of the magnificent Maximus lego model.

Here you can check the predicted queuing times and check everyone in your group passes the height restrictions.

Whilst queuing for the ride you have the opportunity to see the all new mythical creature creations in the mood lit glass cabinets.

The enchanting characters include the flying unicorn BitsandBobs, Mouse Butterfly and a Flowery Rhino and so many more.

It was a very long 90 minutes queue within a really challenging undercover cattle like pen area. It was lined with perspex walls which were obviously a temporary measure placed as part of the Covid restrictions.

Quite a few people left the line as they were clearly struggling to stand up for so long, especially in the 28 degrees heat which felt even hotter and muggier in the queue itself.

Both of our two children, Cuba and Coco frequently sat on the ground. We gave them lots of water and  juice to drink that we kept cold in our cool bag. And, along with sharing a bag of yummy Haribos, they were happy to wait in line. Mummy and daddy also took it in turns in carrying Coco.

With the ride within our grasps, we were in the final stages of the queue. We were then split into several groups. Socially distanced, each group were placed in separate waiting bays. Each person stood on individual seat numbers, similar to what you can see on the photo below.

Eventually we walked up what I think was three flights of stairs that led to one of three flight seat booths. Each seating booth is split into three different heights, bottom, middle and top.

We believe we rode on the top level, which was surprising and a little scary considering we had our four year old daughter with us. However, it wasn’t a problem at all as both the kids really enjoyed being higher up on the ride.

 We watched a themed safety briefing and introduction on a small tv screen. Then, the doors opened and we entered the seating area where we were told to place our bags and loose possessions in the baggage area.

We were seated and securely strapped in and then the lights dropped into darkness. The long row of 12 seats slightly raised off the ground and rotated 180 degrees round as you are transported into the incredible 4k cinematic dome.


Swooping through the forests and lava terrain


WOW! Was our first reaction as our breath was completely taken away within an instant. The magical and utterly dramatic new world of Lego Mythica was simply out of this world.




You literally fly across the sea whilst the spray of water hits your face, swooping through the forests and lava ridden terrain full of Lego Mythical creatures.

It was such a treat for all of our senses, even for mummy and daddy. I can’t imagine what an amazing sensation the ride must have felt like for the children.


The Mighty Maximus


The spectacular ride even features smells and plenty of exciting near misses as it swoops you around to meet the main man Maximus! The mighty flying lion who battles the bad guy creatures whom reside within the dark caves. We just didn’t want the ride to end as our imaginations were blown away.

We highly recommend this popular and very unique attraction and it was well worth the long 90 minute wait!


Hydra’s Challenge

Hydras Challenge is a fun filled interactive water ride with jaw-dropping twists and turns. Again it is another ride perfect for all round family fun.

It is super fast with a high energy pace providing a very exciting jet ski water ride attached to spinning turntables. The main feature to this water attraction is the rider can control how far out the jet ski can fly from the turntable using a steering wheel.

If you manage to skilfully manoeuvre the jet ski it will create large waves behind you, soaking the rider in the jet ski behind yours. But beware, spectators watching from outside the ride also have access to the underwater currents. By the press of a button they can also soak you as you ride too!

The queue was mostly open air and took approximately 30 minutes

Check out Cubas game face!

As Cuba is over 1.3m tall he was able to ride solitary which he was rather pleased about!

Coco enjoyed the ride under daddy’s supervision

Can you spot the Crystal Flame on Fire & Ice Freefall in the above photo?

Unfortunately, we ran out of time because the Crystal Flame was out of action for an hour or so. We would have loved to have experienced the two spinning drop tower ride. As it is suitable for riders over 1m tall we therefore, could have enjoyed the ride together as a family.

The Lego Mythica Models

Built with over 1.7 million lego bricks including of course Maximus one of the largest Lego models ever seen at a Legoland theme park. Maximus the sky lion alone is constructed with 685,530 Lego bricks and weighs over two tons.

Watch out trolls Coco is ready for battle!

We spent a lot of time enjoying all the incredible models

The Hungry Troll Restaurant

We heard great things about the fish chips!


The play area is a great addition especially for the younger children


Final thoughts

The kids loved all the new Lego Mythica characters and the models are super impressive.The buzz and atmosphere within the attraction hits you upon entering. All the rides are suitable for the whole family with children over 1.0m tall supervised with an adult. We had the most wonderful time at Lego Mythica and we can’t wait to return.

Sending love,

Dana xx


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