Lockdown With The Kids | Our New Normal In Pictures | Part 2

Week one of the strict lockdown feels like a lifetime away. However, I will never forget the anxious feelings of the unknown at that time.

Everyone seemed to be on high alert as the tragic news of the rapidly increasing Corona Virus numbers were escalating daily.

The nation lost control stockpiling groceries, especially the toilet roll and pasta frenzy [What the hell was all that about?].

And families were anticipating the upcoming news of school closures.

We were trying to keep things ticking along as calmly and as normal as possible for the kids maintaining a reasonable routine, some family cooking and going on our daily family walks.

Our first adventure out was a walk along the canal to stop by a local windmill which is a familiar little spot in our area.

Cuba and Coco-Ivy had fun playing hide & seek.

We are super lucky to live beside a National Parks Trust park. It has been a total life saver over the past couple of months.

The park has given us the opportunity to explore further than we usually have the time for. And it has provided us with lots of  inspiration for some home schooling ideas.

Some days we timed it well enough to see the cattle close up.

I have had some lovely chats with Cuba, he has had a tough time recently with his health.

He seems so much happier and secure at home away from all the outside influences.

Coco-Ivy has mastered the art in how to have refreshments whilst on the go.

We have worried about how this pandemic will affect our children’s mental well being. However, they have proven how resilient they are and how well they can adapt to new situations.

Cuba never fails to find opportunities to climb a tree or two.

The weather started to improve and to Cuba and Coco’s delight Kia, my eldest daughter started to join us on our walks.

This is Coco’s new found butterfly trail.

So far the kids have adapted to our new normal brilliantly.

Especially as our usual busy lives have been completely stripped bare, it definitely has given us some ‘food for thought’.

I look forward to sharing more photos.

Lot’s of love and stay safe,

Dana x x






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  1. May 23, 2020 / 4:03 pm

    It’s lovely to see your little ones so bright eyed and bushy tailed on their walks. It’s a strange time at the moment still isn’t it, but I can imagine what a world of good it’s doing to get out in the fresh air and get some lush surroundings in sight. We don’t have anything like that near us, but are very lucky to have a park on our doorstep that we’ve been utilizing thoroughly since the numbers have been looking better. Stay safe and thank you for joining us for the #DreamTeamLinky x

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