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So we are in our second lockdown thanks to Covid 19 and parents all over the land are navigating through the daily challenges of parenting and managing family mental health alongside a global pandemic.


Uncertainty and the unknown’s have become overwhelming for most fully grown adults. So, I can’t imagine to what extent the pandemic has and will have on our children’s mental health.


I want to remain positive about the next year ahead channelling positive energy to my best ability for my family’s mental health.


As part of my quest in creating positive vibes, here are 6 wishes I have for Kia, my eldest who will be celebrating her 18th birthday next year.



 Six wishes for my daughter Kia



This time next year I wish you a Covid free student life filled with all the freedom 18 year olds should experience.





Good Health



I wish you that your physical health significantly improves so, if you do fly the nest you can concentrate on your studies and not have the worries you have recently been experiencing.





I hope you get that perfect part time job you have been looking for. You have worked hard in your past two jobs and you deserve the stability of a work place that appreciates all your efforts.





Travel and wander



Hopefully this time next year you will be able to make some travel plans without the restrictions of Covid.





Follow your dreams



I hope you to continue to follow your dreams, believe in yourself and work as hard as you can in fulfilling those dreams.





Party like it’s your birthday



I wish that you will be able to celebrate your 18th birthday exactly how you have planned to before the pandemic. With a big bash full of glam and style and of course face mask free too.



Love you long time Kia

hugs & kisses,

Mum xxx




For more information on children’s and young adult’s mental health please click here and head over to the children’s largest mental health charity Ditch The Label to find their website.




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