Our Valentines Day

Our Valentines Day


Our Valentines day for me, is time to have fun with the kids! Sean and I don’t really celebrate Valentines day, we do usually send each other an obligatory Valentines Day card as not to feel too guilty. But yeah, it’s a bit unnecessary really as I don’t think either of us would take offence if we didn’t bother at all, lol! I usually share our Valentines Day fun with the kids over on the gram however, this year I thought it might be nice to also share our memories over here on the blog.  So, I hope you enjoy taking a peek into our little yearly tradition.


Making memories

Both Cuba and Coco look forward to helping me design and set up the decorations and our sweet treat spread on the dining table. Then, we enjoy the day together at home eating lot’s of goodies and watching some of our favourite movies. I’m feeling very sentimental this year as I know deep down that this will probably be the last time we will be celebrating our Valentines Day tradition together like we do as Cuba is turning 11 years old this year. So, I’m obviously guessing next year our Valentines Day Celebrations will be the last thing he will want to be doing. Especially with mum posting embarrassing photos all over socials bless him lol!

Whilst doing my usual weekly food shop I noticed the valentines section in Aldis So, on impulse I bought a packet mix giant love heart cookie, I thought it might be fun to include a bit of cooking with the kids on the actual day.

Our Valentines Day bake off

To be quite honest, sharing this particular baking activity didn’t work out as smoothly as I’d planned. The recipe method was pretty basic and therefore, they didn’t have enough recipe steps each to complete.

Also, it turns out the apparently giant cookie didn’t turn out to be all that giant after all!  However, the kids did get some enjoyment out of  baking it and eating it so, it wasn’t a complete fail!  The kids would have deffinitely enjoyed baking their own cookie from scratch so,  that will be the last time I impulse buy a ready mix baking kit on my weekly food shop!


It did taste quite yummy



Our Valentines day spread is a bit of a tradition now, and it usually consists of way too much sugar that I buy from Home bargains.

However, its funny as the kids didn’t go too mad in overindulging. I think it’s a definitive case of wanting what you can’t have a lot of the time, especially regarding eating sugary treats.


When the sugary treats are openly on offer they will actually take it or leave it!



We had movies playing on the TV all day, the kids enjoyed watching Matilda the Musial for the second time this half term!


Coco watching Matilda the Musical


We decorated the walls with a few bits I purchased from Poundland

I tend to choose the decorations that I think will stand out on the pictures I take of the kids, especially for the photos I share on Instagram.

I think I bought the love heart garland for £2 which is a bargain for what you get. And, I bought the love heart bunting that we stuck on the wall behind the dining table for £1, and the gorgeous inflatable love word that really pops on Coco’s photo below was also £1.

I don’t spend a lot on props to achieve the desired look. I tend to choose bright eye catching decorations for our valentines day celebrations from Poundland as it’s great for finding cheap decorations that are easy to display on the walls with a bit of white tac.

Top tip…….  To ensure you can choose from the full range of stock it’s a good idea to get to Poundland for your seasonal props and decorations as soon as the goodies hit the shelves. I’ve definitely noticed lately how quickly the seasonal aisle gets snapped up super quick and when they’re gone they’re gone!


I love this photo of Coco


The kids, especially Coco really enjoy our family tradition photo shoots.  We make an effort in wearing special outfits for the day. A little extra effort really does go a long way when it comes to taking some great shots especially for the gram!


I take our pics for Instagram on my I phone for the best results


I find taking photos on my camera is quite tricky to tweak and edit regarding posting on Instagram due to difficulties in fitting them into the frame. So, for me It’s a lot quicker to take the snaps, then edit them on the instagram app on my phone and then post. Obviously, everyone has their own way of taking and posting pictures on socials however this is how I achieve my preferred look on Instagram.



Here you can head over to our Instagram page and take a peek




So there you have it! Our traditional family Valentines day!

I hope you all had a wonderful Valentines day!

Sending love xx


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